Monday, August 16, 2010

The Consumerist gets involved

I wrote to The Consumerist, and they posted the story on their site! Read it at
Right after that, Delta took notice and wrote to us:
"On behalf of Delta Air Lines, I apologize for the problems you encountered with your wife's ticket."
Now, they are working with Bank of America to come up with some kind of solution.
Apparently, Expedia also seemed to take notice:
"So sorry to hear about this awful experience. We are looking into this immediately and are attempting to contact the customer. The Expedia team."  They haven't done anything yet, though.

I noticed in many of the comments over at The Consumerist that some folks didn't quite understand what had occurred, & that it was very confusing. I don't blame them! Much of them thought that we had purchased additional tickets, and were trying to get a refund for the ones we didn't use. That's not it at all. Expedia told us that changing the tickets would be more inexpensive, and that they would take care of the other tickets by removing them. They didn't. Everything that happened after that was just customer service dragging their feet, failing to see the problem. 

We are still waiting for the fix though. I'll let you know what happens.

Thanks to The Consumerist for getting the ball rolling without me having to do an email carpet bomb.

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