Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Nothing's resolved. BOA still uses fax machines, Expedia still sucks.

Once again, Bank of America reversed the credit, not because they think that that they are always right, I'm sure they do, but because after twice sending them information from Delta and Expedia did they continue losing the fax. I mean, come on. We went directly to the Bank of America branch, and had one of their minions fax it to their offices. Why, oh why, are they still using ancient faxes to depend on some serious customer matter? Have they ever heard of things like, you know, email? Computers? Internet? It's starting to sound like they are doing this on purpose. That's not what you're doing, is it BOA?

Expedia continues to deny that it was their fault.

Oh, and before I forget, I found this site:
It's messy, but click on  Latest Victim of EXPEDIA to really get a feel as to how pissed off someone has to get, not to mention the amount of work, to get money from Expedia.

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