Thursday, August 12, 2010

The mistakes continue...

Wow, it's been weeks, and now Bank of America claims that "attempts to resolve the matter with the merchant were unsuccessful".

According to them, Delta Air supplied documents indicating the debit to the account to be a valid charge. A complete lie, because Tina didn't take additional flights. She went to Michigan one time, on July 8th, and came back to Florida, one time, on July 29th in less than a day. Delta also seems to think that my wife is two separate people and took two other flights on the return: both on July 29th at 11:10AM, DROVE BACK TO MICHIGAN ON THE SAME DAY, and then flew back by Delta at 7:40PM, all in a 24 hr. time slot. I kid you not.

Now, Bank of America is reversing the money, plus overdraft fees. They don't see the error in taking two flights, coming and going. That's $538.20, $35, plus another 358.80.

The bank went for information from Delta, even though Expedia was just as involved.

Normal channels like customer service, supervisors, & trips to the bank were tried several times.
Looks like we will need to do an email carpet bomb. Maybe small claims court? Let's ask some experts on the issue and see what they think.

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  1. Nuke the bastards. WHY OH WHY are you even dealing with these people, seriously? I have never ever ever given an inch when dealing with companies. Since the companies don't give anything to you, there is no need to give them the same courtesy.

    Nuke em from orbit, kill them with fire, do everything legally you can do, and of course, sue for legal costs and consulting.

    I have sued some companies in the past and none of them ever showed up in court. That is good for you since you automatically win. They can't ignore a court order reversing the charges and crediting you legal fee's.