Sunday, July 25, 2010

More phone calls, & new math from Delta.

On 7-14, we called Expedia's customer service, but were told to call back because they could not get a hold of Delta. We called again later, and Expedia said they STILL could not get a hold of them. Third time's a charm, and we were placed on hold for an hour for them to get in touch with Delta Airline's customer service. Delta said they would give a credit of $358.80 to fly again with Delta. A credit. To fly with THEM.

Let's run by the math again: We were charged 358.80 for the July 8th flight, however, we were charged 179.40 4 times as well. That means that there was 1076.40 that went between us to Expedia & Delta. We are still owed 717.60. But Delta doesn't see that. They must be doing new math.

We don't want a flight credit that's half of the amount we are owed. We want it all in money.

July 16th- Tina faxed the information to Bank of America.

July 21st- BOA reopened the claim for 538.20 because they had opened a second claim for 179.40. In addition to that claim, they opened another one for the balance of 179.40 to ultimately make it 717.60. Confused yet? They also agreed to refund an NSF charge. I'm sure it hurt them to do so.

Now we are waiting for BOA to contact Delta, which Delta seems to want to dispute. BOA finally saw the error in math, why can't the airline?

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